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Advanced Sprout-Finished Beef

At Plainview Beef Co., we take pride in our innovative approach to feeding cattle. Our distinctive sprout-finishing process gives us the ability to deliver exceptional grass feed beef that stands out in both taste and quality. This is all made possible because of our state-of-the-art sprout growing centers that deliver sprouted grass with extremely high levels of digestible protein and nutrition. Our cattle are nourished with nearly 100 lbs of this fresh feedstock daily, ensuring our animals health is optimized leading to tender high-quality beef that is full of flavor.

Sprout Finished Difference

At Plainview Beef Co., we prioritize the nutritional and digestive benefits of sprouts for our cattle. Our consistent, nutrient and protein packed diet ensures the superior health of our livestock and the premium quality of our beef. Our advanced growing centers use 90% less water and 98% less land area than traditional farming practices allowing us to be environmentally sustainable and yet still consistently supply our animals with fresh high-quality feed every day. While there are many environmental benefits in our sustainable practices, water conservation is at the top of our list, but some may consider the greatest to be our animal's reduction of methane emissions. We hope you will follow us and experience the Plainview difference, where cutting-edge practices meet traditional farming to deliver exceptional beef quality.


Plainview Beef Co. and its members from the Orr family have a century of knowledge in the beef industry, a rich heritage with a passion for quality and health. Located in cattle country across the mid-western region, we will blend traditional expertise with modern Controlled Environment Agricultural (CEA) practices to produce superior, healthier beef. Our lineage, from Raymond Orr to today, reflects a deep commitment to excellence and innovation in beef production.

We champion a "farm to table" approach, offering consumers direct access to premium beef with full transparency about its origins and upbringing. At PLAINVIEW BEEF CO., we're not just selling beef; we're putting a century of tradition and a commitment to innovation into every cut.

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